SpaceBuild 3, "This Stool Entity is not active" on most Climate Control props

I really wish there was an “Addon Help” forum in here. I can’t really explain this in the title; better off in here.
I cannot spawn hardly anything in the Climate Control area of CAF. The only things I can spawn are the Heat Exchangers, Air Hydroponics, and Suit Dispensers. All the others give me a “This Stool Entity is not active” error.

I tried reinstalling the Entities of SpaceBuild 3, and the Core, and it’s still doing this thing.

Here’s what I mean. I left click to spawn a Climate Regulator and get this;

(sorry about the slow picture, but .png is the only thing to show the red error message clearly)

EDIT: Nevermind. I got my answer. 3/4 of the STools there are for sb_ maps only, and I was running a non-sb map. Still, I wish they had them disabled like in Life Support 1 and 2.