Spacebuild 3 trouble oh noes

Okay so i spent some time on getting into wiremod and got some really interesting ideas for spacebuild projects using the newly aquired knowledge…

I then download SB3, RD3, LS3, CDS etc. etc. just to find out it all ain’t working and i don’t get why…

What happends is that Gmod crashes the second i move, as in move myself… i can look around and access the Q-menu, i can even spawn ent’s (even though they despawn shortly after being spawned), but even the shortest tab on W, or any other movement key will crash it…
I’ve gotten all the needed addons from

except the SB3 addon itself which i got from

All downloaded folders have been put into Addons except for the SB3 i got from which has been put into Gamemodes

Help please :slight_smile:

SB3 goes in addons.

no there is a SB gamemode and a SB addon, i know i don’t need the gamemode any more since the addon is there, but thought it’d help the crashing , didn’t