Spacebuild 3 two strange bugs

Hello all,

I installed Spacebuild 3 SVN + SBMP, Wire, SG, PHX, RD3, CDS3, SB3, GCX. But I have two strange bugs:

  1. The props are floating in the air, it looks like they are 0 weight. The physgun reacts also strange.

  2. When I’m out of a planet I can still use noclip and I don’t see my air decreasing etc. EDIT: FIXED

Is there anyone that can help me?

Is the spacebuild 3 a gamemode or addon? (Should be addon sience latest update)

It’s an addon, the path to it is /garrysmod/addons/SB3.

I’ve installed SB3 from SVN and some of the stuff (Air Processors, etc.) show up in the menu but don’t show up when i try to make them…
(For some reason i have this problem with a lot of SVNs - they just don’t seem to install correctly.)

CDS3 is the one who makes the props float, if you remove it should now be alright.

Known bug actually, but still not been taken care of. So I would suggest you to use another type of damage system.