Spacebuild 3 Vehicle Problems

So I got SB3 (including all the addons that that entails).
Basically my problem is that the Spacebuild pre-made ships and other SB things that spawn from the vehicles tab either don’t appear on the tab or don’t work.

The Spacebuild vehicles (arwing, SWORD, etc) is there, but anything spawned their just acts like a vehicle seat, it just sits there & does nothing.

Spacebuild - Wings section (it SHOULD be in vehicles tab) doesn’t appear at all.

Addons I have installed:

Spacebuild Gas Systems 2
Wire SVN
Wire Extras
All the other required SB SVNs
New NPCs
Toolspack (TheStargater’s one)
microwave rifle
bail out
portal gun SVN
Fire magic
black magic
quantum storage device
Useful NPCs
black apache helicopter
Gcombat 08
Buoancy Tool
Rare NPCs
OL stacker
OL measuring stick
Ironman Swep
Spawnable Half-Life 2 Weapons and items
Huge HL2 Beta Weapons Pack
some of kermite’s weapon packs
Model manipulator
NPC options
Team Fortress 2 SWEPS
Super Parent Multi
Spawn points
Viktor’s Tools

Map addons
Haruhi model
Spawnable Half-Life 2 Weapons and items

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

You have to spawn them from entities not from vehicles.

you have to press Space to enable them to drive

Or Reload, i forget which, it took me months to finally get an answer in the SBMP thread and find that out.

If you spawn it from entities you press space to activate, shift to go foreword, alt to go back, w to pitch down, s to pitch up, a to roll left, and d to roll right.

They’re not in ents either.

Pics 4 proof

Did you use the link from this thread?