Spacebuild 3

Can someone tell me how to download Spacebuild 3 in addon form? Or something that doesnt involve SVN? I cant make sence of it, and all I want to do is update SB2 so I can play on some maps that need SB3. Is it on Because i cant find it. Can someone please give me a link to a download of SB3 that doesnt involve SVN? Thanks

I would HIGHLY recommend SVN, but go to Please note that spacebuild is updated often, so you would have to re download this package. That’s why I would recommend SVN.

SVN is easy. You just need to get the hang of it.
SVN Tutorial:

I used to love Glua till i found out how to install via SVN but beware the Spacebuild addon crashes a LOT.
Mostly right when you click Q because it shows a spacebuild spawn menu rather than Useful construction props.