Spacebuild 3

Update changelog:

What’s new or changed in SB3?

Spacebuild 3 is an almost complete rewrite of Spacebuild 2.
The new Core is modular based. This means that it will be a lot easier for people to add new Environment types to it without needing to modify the SB core for it. This also means that non-spherical environments will be more easy to add now.
Another thing that’s new is that the environments got new features.
The largest new feature is that a planet is more then just habitable or unhabitable now. This means that instead of a planet having air or not a planet’s air now exists out of different parts (oxygin, CO2, Nitrogen and Hydrogen) which make it either habitable or not.
The general updating system has been improved to to be better performance wise. Less variables are needed to store environment info on a prop/player/npc/… now which should also decrease the amount of ram usage a bit(although probably not that much).
Environment info in SB will also be better up to date in SB3 then in SB2 due to the new core.

Are there any negative sides to this?

Yes, there is one drawback. All addons that use anything of SB2 will need to be partially rewritten to work with SB3. Due to the new Core.
Older SB maps will still work, but they will only run in some sort of compatibility mode, which means that some of them might not run 100% like they used to.

When will we be able to test this?

I’m planning on releasing a beta for SB and the new LS by the end of June and either at the beginning of July. This beta will most likely still have bugs though, and will also be used to tweak all the settings a bit more. At the moment it’s hard to tweak some of the new environment features since they are completely new and I also want the opinion of you guys for it :wink:

How far is the current progress?
Well most of the core features for SB and the Environment code is done. Appart from bugs and tweaking you could SB3 itself is about done.
But the new LS update is needed for most of the tests that will need to be done with SB3 and I’m currently waiting for some of the custom models that still need to be made, which I need to tweak it all and be able to properly test for bugs in the Entity code. The LS core itself is about done to (minus bugs and tweaking).

Also the slow progress on the RD updates is slowing down development alot. TAD2020 doesn’t have much time at the moment to work on it and well as most of you know more and more bugs seems to be happening in RD2.

Who are you? Why isn’t the SBDevTeam posting this?
I’m SnakeSVx, main developer for the SBDevTeam.

I’ll post more info the more progress is made on the new system. If you guys got any questions or suggestions you can post them in here.

If you want me to beta test,I can do it.

This is going to be really cool when this releases!No bugs,working LS hopefully :smiley:

Oh man. I’ve only just almost finished re-basing Global RP on SB 2

I can’t wait for the release dude! I’m pretty excited. I’ll beta test too if you’ll allow me.

It should be easier for you to put them together :wink:

SB has been split into different parts which are easier to integrate into certain other gamemodes.

Don’t forget to look for the return of Asteroid Mining 3 :v:

Sounds good. The main thing is, I need to be able to access the Planets {} table

At the moment I it’s called “BackupPlanetData”. It would be good to have it as “Planets” or something, so it doesn’t disappear from the gamemode at any time :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange, I was under the impression I was the ONLY ONE making/updating ANYTHING for SB2 and CDS. (Brush environments anyone?)

SB2 and CDS will be replaced with SB3 and CDS3, it’s already planned like this from January…

Everything you’ve been doing are more or less Unofficial updates, since support for SB2 and CDS has been slowing down a lot already, and will completly stop once SB3 and the new CDS are out.

And yea I’ve seen your Brush environment update. This is part of why SB3 was made. It has better support for things like this. You needed to alter the Core code in SB2 to achieve this, while in SB3 you just make make a sent that has some needed functions, then make it register with the SB3 core.


There is a table Environments, which will contain all data. There will also be some functions which will return the references to the planets…

Planets are Sents now;)

Then I hope you’ll be integrating the update’s I’ve been making. I’ve already got a brush system working, I’ve also got a SENT for planets that you set the material and it’ll render it by itself (no more need for custom models for planets) as well as using a phy sphere init and a trigger true to process the entities in the same fashion as the brushes do.

If you want I’ll put it in (updated to use the SB3 core) and put your name with it ;).

What is Brush environments? :q:

I think it allows mappers to make a brush that has a different enviroment.

Like a paint brush? :sax: (jk)

Like a square planet?

Yep, it can be about any shape you want :stuck_out_tongue:

Initially, I did use the environments table, but I had to loop through them all and check for IsPlanet myself. I’d definitely love a GetPlanets() function that returns a table of all planets, then I can just call that in GlobalRP (assuming RingDing doesn’t do anything more to it and I move it to SB3)

That’s just awesome. You could create a map that’s in like 3 or 4, even 5 levels.

small planets





Here’s a recommendation: Find a way to put a player as like, A rotatable viewbox.
Would require a lot of LUA, But combined with the orbit SENT, Instant spherical rotation (Round the world anyone?) Because the player’s “Feet” Don’t really rotate in game to fit the gravity below, But vehicles do, It would mean more “Revoloutionised” SB Maps.

Like in portal, If you jump out of portals in certain angles your viewbox moves to match the environment around it.

Ulysses mod mayby?

This sounds excellent, it’s better than SB2 and it also sounds like it’ll be more stable this time; SB2 makes me crash in single player randomly, which is a real shame.