Spacebuild 3

how do i configure spacebuild 3 to work on my new worlds 2 game? you know with no air outside the planets, and no gravity outside the planets as well?

What are you on about?

every time i set it on when i set up my maps nothing happens when i go in game, theres still air outside the planets and i do have life support and RD3 on, there is also still gravity outside the planets as well, how do i set it so i have no atmosphere and gravity outside planets on any space map?

Did you get it from Is it enabled from the CAF main menu? Did you downloaded all the required content for SB3?

Try using the latest “Auto Svn Updater” for garrysmod and download all of the latest SVN files for LS3 using that. Much Easier, automanic installation and can automatically update all of them for you in the future.

it says its enabled but it doesnt do anything, and i like to manualy update my SVN’s, i got all LS3 and RD3 and SB3 from

are u using gm new worlds or sb new worlds because only maps with sb_… work with SB3 air and gravity stuf

its SB_new worlds 2

Wrong. GM_galactic is an example of a non-sb_ map that is designed for spacebuild. And all spacebuild 2 maps work with spacebuild 3.

so does anyone know whats wrong?

Are you actually using the ‘spacebuild’ gamemode?

Spacebuild is a addon not a gamemode.


Which gets to my next point, make sure everything is in addons and not in gamemodes, Spacebuild was changed to automatically work on spacebuild maps.

ya well i have it in addons and when i start a sb map it still says spacebuild activated but when i go outside the earth like planet it still has gravity and atmosphere, is spacebuild 3 from

Ah yeah. Then again, in my opinion, Spacebuild 3 is terrible. Spacebuild 2 was good, if they only fixed the bugs.

still i would love to find out how i can make new worlds and gooniverse have no atmosphere and different world temperatures and no gravity outside the planets?

ok seriously all i want to know is if there are settings to SB3 that i can tweek so that when i start a game there is no air or gravity when i go outside a planet. as well as different temperatures on different planets.
…no one has even given me that awnser.

What SB3 related addons have you downloaded?

i have SBE, Phx, SBMP, LS3, RS3, you know the standard stuff

Yeah, but please listen everything you downloaded from SnakeSVx.

thanks for all your help guys. i got it fixed.