Spacebuild 3

can someone give me the SVN’s to all the spacebuild 3 stuff, cos the ones i got have %20 inbetween eachword, i also have other SB3 things in just to make doublee sure, there is a few bugs but i dunno if thats cause i havnt updated yet ( not alot of bandwidth left ) if you guys have any help/explanations i would greatly appreciate it

Here’s an SVN tutorial:
There is a link to SnakeSVNX’s forum in two different places on that tutorial.

thanks, il just have to wait til next month to download them

If you have a capped internet connection, you should definetly get SVN if you don’t already have it. Instead of having to re-download the whole addon whenever there is an update, you just have to download the specific files that have been changed. Really saves your bandwidth.

yeah i do use SVN, those SVN’s might be the ones i already have, il just hace to wait and see.

internet is alrite, its just weve got 3 computers running all the time, and my dads a web designer, so bandwidth goes really fast, so i dont get to do online gaming alot, plus im on an island so i cant get fiberoptic. THAT SUCKS!