Spacebuild damage not working.

I have installed Spacebuild and all related gmod 11 addons through SVN,they all work FINE!But there is one small problem that ruins it for me…When I go into outer space I dont die.I dont get any info on temperature and stuff.When I enter water it would show me my oxygen so it seems it recodnises it wich leads me to think I might have been doing something worng with the maps.I aways play in spacebuild mode so thatsa not the problem.I also play on spacebuild maps.
This realy ruined the game for me so if you can help me I will be very thanksfull =(

Im sorry for double posting this,but PLEASE people help me!This is my favourite part of Gmod =(

You might be using a map that isn’t made for the version of spacebuild you are using. Or just a broken/old version of spacebuild.

Did you make sure you set the gamemode to Spacebuild? If that’s not the problem, you should make sure you have an up to date version of Spacebuild, as mentioned above.


Spacebuild 2
Spacebuild 3
SVN Tutorial

He already said he had set it to spacebuild. READ.

And that I had used SVN to DL it.I used gooniverse and most of the maps I could find =(

Also which version of Spacebuild are you using?

Spacebuild 3!I told you I used SVN!I got the latest version of all the addons!
Altho Im not sure if it was from the map.Can someone give me a list of the things needed to run SB 3 at full capacity as in addons and maps?

Spacebuild 2 is available through SVN as well.

Well it sayed that there was something wrong…Id be very thankful if you provide me with an SVN link and maybe a link to the related torrents =(
EDIT:I found a SVN and have downloaded it (all in one trunk! =D).Now to see if it works!

Sorry for double post (again) but this post cannot be posted as “edit” to the previous.
After the first launch of the game the damage system worked fine but the planets “atmospheres”(the spheres around the flat peice of land :P) were gone.
On the second they were back but the damage wasnt working except for SB2 servers!
It works!FINALY!Now just remains the question-how to make liquid nitrogen and why doesnt the planet teraformer work?
Thanks for the help guys! =)