Spacebuild download?

I can’t seem to find a spacebuild download on

I had to re-install gmod because I had some stupid mod that were cluttering up the q menu.

Oh boy oh boy, am i the spacebuild bitch?

Here it is:

Btw; Snake removed all sb/ls links from

I don’t know how to use SVN.

Can someone upload to megaupload/filefront? Please my SVN dosnt work!

I got my SVN to work! But still 1 problem.
I download all stuff form the SVN links (all that say necessary) And i dont get spacebuild 3 D: I only get LS 3 And i can’t spawn anything from spacebuild (exept from the 2)

No wonder I couldn’t find anything in the downloads.
He removed them then forced a special download program.
Yeah, can anyone upload spacebuild?

Nope, please download it via SVN.

It’s the best way, considering you can get quick updates.

When someone gives me a WORKING svn link i will :smiley:

Well not “working” but atleast make it have the props.

Bump please… something…?

:hampants: Ive got SB3 but i dont know where i put the tings like: SB_entities or SB_Models because they dont work in addons… :wookie: