Spacebuild Enhancement Project Issues

Ok, so i’ve been a big fan of the SBEP for a while now, but I’ve been having some problems with a few things:

the only ship that hardpoints work on is the Sword

the side panels of the rover snap onto the wrong side, and the hardpoints on them don’t work

elevator pieces do not snap together

Missiles do not work: when fired, the missiles follow a ballistic trajectory to the ground, and don’t explode…ever. i’ve tried all guidance types, with the same results. the single missile launcher shoots straight, but when the rocket hits something, it just bounces off and spins around in the air.

Here’s what i have installed (these are all SVN versions, btw):

Spacebuild enhancement project
Gcombat 08

any suggestions?

one of my friends says the stuff i mentioned works fine for him, so…

Did you get GCombat from SVN, ir download?

for some reason, the normal download is more up to date (get it from the GCombat Thread)

As for hard points, those are being worked on, and they have an entity you can spawn called a hard point controller (or something like that), which lets you make more hard points.

You could also try asking the SBEP thread for some help (more of the SBEP lurkers will see, so there is a better chance of getting help)