Spacebuild Enhancement Project Official Thread V9


WEAPONRY: GCombat '08.


SVN Repository download (Sorry, some of the links are broken as people reported them and they got taken down)
SBEP SVN Seed (easy SVN install)
SBEP (Models)
SBEP (Entities)
SBEP (Fighters & Hangers)
SBEP (Weapons)
SBEP (Fortifications)

We are programmers, artists, level designers, texture artists, and modelers but beyond this we are also proud SpaceBuild players. Though originally we only served the community by offering a model pack we have since grown organically into building a more comprehensive solution toward many of SpaceBuild’s problems and exercising many opportunities which have not been explored; all the name of enrichment of the experience.

Our primary goal and mission is to enhance the SpaceBuild gamemode experience by offering a comprehensive alternative to packs not particularly well-suited toward providing for a proper, lagless, and needlessly difficult, SpaceBuild experience.

We are problem solvers: ever watchful for solutions to problems which bug the Spacebuild community.
We are active listeners: keeping our eyes and ears trained to current developments in Spacebuild and working with top community forces to keep the project relevant and useful at all times.
We are the Spacebuild Enhancement Project Team: we would like to welcome you to the next level of Spacebuild and invite you to help us help you make Spacebuild the best it can be in Garrysmod!


  1. Over 600 interconnectable modules specifically planned and designed for efficient ship-building
  2. One-click-spawn ATVs, Fighters, Freighters, and Capital-Class Ferriers with weapon hardpoints which snap compatible weapons on with no mess and no fuss!
  3. Docks to hold your ships aloft in the vast expanse of space.
  4. Ground Base and Manufacturing models to enhance colony simulation.
  5. Much more!

Yay! The thread is back up :D. What are you working on now over in SBEP world?

This project is SO awesome. I love you guys.

Im using the gravity stablizer mod to create a space station that slowly rotates.

Hys, did you got tired of waiting for Umbra to make a new thread?

He’s a bit tied up with other things right now, no need to add to his to-do list.

Ah, I see.

Oh look, new thread.

Any new parts?

I was wondering where the new thread was…

Horray, finally! Now we can have even moar fun from gmod!

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but where can I find the laser cannon entities? I cannot remember if they used to be packed with SBEP or were an optional addon. They used their own tool to spawn.
Also, are there any other optional addons for SBEP? It’s been a very long time since I last played Gmod.

Wasn’t the Pew Pew addon supposed to replace GCombat '08?

Just got back from the World Steam Expo, so you guys should deffinatly fill me up with some cyberpunk.


Is that a turret from the Destiny?
Or am I getting my sci-fi mixed up?

Either way, looks cool

Doesn’t look like it’d be able to tilt up and down at all. =/

If you’re referring to LuaPineapple’s Freespace 2 style beam cannons, they used to be part of this pack, but I believe they were removed for stability issues.

I agree with you, and i’ve altered the model so it can tilt ~40-45 degrees

Aw :c
Are there any plans to re-implement those sorts of beam weapons?