Spacebuild error

So i got the Space Build Model Pack Alpha 2 and i got wire, stargate(if that has anything to do with this), LS3, RD3, CAF. Everything works perfectly online…BUT when i play offline on sb_whatever (and i am playing on a SB3 map) an error keeps spamming in the chat box “please install space build”
Things that work while playing offline:
when you go under water you have air

Things that dont work:
everything else “space”, LS3, CAF, RD3 related

And then my computer starts lagging like hell.
And no, my computer doesent suck, i can’t get the spcs right now.

Please help me, all i wanna do offline is build a space station and other stuff xD

Download the Spacebuild3 game mode.

Yeah i also have the gamemode

the issue is that you have a gamemode.

Spacebuild3 is an addon now. Try getting the SVN’s of stuff (could be an issue, given that Snake removed the old SVN links. but there are likely some copies floating around somewhere)

Yeh i also have all the addons in SVN :\

Did you update them recently?

And yes i did update them recently!