Spacebuild Errors (I HAVE MODELS)

I have everything from this place except the Spacebuild 3 gamemode because I can’t find the gamemode folder (it isn’t necessary), and the custom damage system 3 (there’s no link)

I obviously used SVN and when I go to a spacebuild server it says I don’t have SBEP (and pretty much everything is an error although some stuff aren’t) when I indeed, DO HAVE IT. Here are some screenshots of my addons folder:

Everything is an error, what did I do wrong?

Help would be greatly appreciated…

SBEP Needs to be extracted, you download 4 or 5 folders named SBEP_Entities etc. Place those in addons

Thank you SO much. Jesus, I love people like you.

Thank you. God you solved my problems big time.

No problem.