Spacebuild Factions and CityScript are fixed again.

These two gamemodes had been broken for a while.

Cityscript (RP gamemode) was broken due to the removal of the deprecated “DPanelList”

It is now playable again, for those who might be looking for a DarkRP alternative.

Spacebuild Factions was broken because the Vortigaunt models (Alien Faction) were stuck in the T-Pose and there was a compatibility bug when running with Spacebuild 3.

If you want to run Spacebuild Factions, you can choose to use either Spacebuild 2 or Spacebuild 3. Spacebuild 2 as-an-addon is available here: - inside that folder is a folder named “spacebuild2”. Put that in your server’s addons folder. I am in contact with the Spacebuild Team about them releasing Spacebuild 2 as a workshop addon via their own project (since mine is the same as it used to be, basically, but turned into an addon and updated for GM13).

I accept pull requests (reasonable ones) on both of these projects if you like what you see or you don’t like something and think it should be changed.

Other than that, both gamemodes are in minimum-maintenance mode (which means I’ll try to keep them working as and when gmod breaks them again).

As a side note, if anyone wants to add spacebuild features to their RP gamemode, you can do so by setting:


somewhere in the top of the gamemode’s shared.lua file.

(Or, you can just use a map whose name starts with “sb_”)

This will activate the spacebuild 2 or 3 addon. I have tested this with “DarkRP 2.2 Classic”.

Thank you for doing this, have some friends that might want to try out Spacebuild for the first time and this is perfectly timed for it. Your work is appreciated!

Oh man I haven’t played Spacebuild in so long, it was my life before too. Thanks!

wow, welcome back philxyz


I’ve been busy with life recently, but there’s some more content to come from me in the nearish future, which hopefully some of you will enjoy playing.

Do any of the mods for spacebuild(Life Support, Resource Distribution, and ETC) still work?

Yes, they are included with the Spacebuild addon.

This is true for SB2 (on my github above) and also for SB3 (released by the Spacebuild team and named [Official] Spacebuild 3 Workshop Edition).

I have a ticket open for the spacebuild team to use my SB2 addon so that they can release it officially also. Some people prefer SB2.

You no longer have to install separate addons for Resource Distribution and Life Support. It’s all just part of the single spacebuild addon.

Choose whether you want SB2 or SB3, install the addon, then run any map whose name starts with sb_ or any gamemode that has GM.SPACEBUILD = true, and your spacebuild addon will activate itself for that map / gamemode.

Who’s going to be the first to release a Space RP with towns on different planets and multiple mayors?

This couldn’t come at a better time. Just decided to rent a server again the other day and get back into playing. Might have to fire up hammer again too.

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Found the answer to my own question like a big boy