SpaceBuild Factions/Global RP-- Total Re-make

SpaceBuild Factions/Global RP Redesign and Development Thread

                                            SpaceBuild RP

EXPECT BETA VERSION BY: Late July 2009 Trust me when I say the Wait will be worth it

So about 5 weeks ago I asked RingDing if he would let me help him with the Factions gamemode which its self is a remake of GlobalRP. I was disapointed when he told me that He had Quit and abandoned his Gamemode. He told me this

it just so happens that I see fit to Strip the gamemode down to a skeleton and rebuild it with the care and complexity of Spacebuild3, many people have seen my Edits of the spacebuild gamemode before and liked the Outcomes.

------------------ Team ---------------------
Surge (me, Project Leader/Coder)
SpaceBuild Dev Team (For anything they think they can contribute)
Cole Train Bamf (Wire Hooks guy)
Recon117 (Conceptual work/Mapping)
iceworm (Sound Mixer, Tester, Beta Server Hoster)
Ring-Ding (Support)
PaperJack (Assistant Coder)

--------------Current Progress----------------

:: Dynamic Money System :: 100%

I have devised a new Money system that is based on Complexity and/or size of whatever props you are spawning. so lets say a Barrel costs 5[Money] where as a cargo Container costs 25[Money].
The Script also Accumulates the amounts of complete welds you make so that every 10 welds you make, you are charged 5[Money] (This is for Welding material pretty much (Realism))
Life Support systems and Wire are ranged from 30-300[Money] but Fusion Generators will be quite High Priced (Realism Strikes again).

:: New Player Models :: 25%

Everyone knows the troubles of the old versions, Unappealing Human Models and Glitched Vortiguant Models. Well I have started a Hunt for more Believable Player models for this Gamemode.
If you have any Ideas or are experienced with modeling. I would just love to have somebody Make new Player Models for this.

Looking for: Astronaut skins for humans in suit and out
Aliens for the Aliens (:P)

:: Game-Play Changes :: 0-50%

Aside from the Spawning Cost system, and the Player Models. This Game-Mode will be using Custom Models and Sents for everything, From the Boulders and Rocks to the Recyclers and Specialized Sents. A more Stable and Reliable Framework will be laid down to Make sure that none of the Glitches from the last Versions are repeated. I.E - Player Death Fade to Black staying Black -Constant Lua Errors -The Occasional Lua Crashes -And the Rare Data File Degradation.
The latest Versions of Space-build 3 and all Resource Distribution mods allow for the Mining System to become a more Fun and Reliable part of the Gameplay

Aside from Everybody in the Galaxy being Miners, Space-Build RP will really be RP with Careers, Space Police (Federation), and President of the Galaxy

Lets just say that this will be all the fun of Dark-RP in the Free epic game of Space-Build

:: SPACE MINING :: 70%

At the Moment me and the Team are working on a system for Space mining Even more advanced than non integrated RD3 Mining addons. Details on this Aspect are pretty much still in Heavy Development
But what we currently have done are these Sents:

Retrieval Clamps
Tractor Beams
Mining Laser ( Light, Utility, Heavy-Duty, and Industrial )
Asteroidal Mineral Storage (Contains Minerals in data form using Resource Dist. until offloaded)
Asteroid Recycler (Turns Asteroid Chunks into Minerals in the Above Storage unit by use of the Clamps)
Asteroid Mineral Transformer (Turns money into Usable Boxes of [Money])

Also working on Handheld Mining Lasers and clamps.

:: Sub game-modes :: 30%

This gamemode will still have the same Free and War modes, But We are working on Map based modes.
Examples are the “Attack of the Moon Men”, “SpaceBalls (You’ll see)” and “First Contact”.
We are using a Similar Mapping Method as the authors of gm_Mobenix V3. Can not really say much more about this subject


All Work, Concepts, And Ideas Expressed in this Thread are Protected and licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License

If you have any Ideas or want to help. Please feel Free to Post (AND EAT SUSHI AND BURRITOS)

If it’s a Spacebuild RP…DO WANT!

I’ve loved the concept of Spacebuild and RP combined

Well Get Ready to have your Mind blown away, The Alpha Testing has been Phenomenal.
The Space Mining is working out just enough to break Even on Space Game-play.

Maybe you should add a entity you can build that space mines for you sorta like oil rigs.

Sounds Interesting… How bout Automated Structures.

Conveyor belts that bring the Rock chunks into the transformer entity and activates, may be a spinoff from you Idea as well.

This sounds great. 5 months sounds a bit much, but from what I’ve read, it sounds like this will be a fantastic mod.

I can just see this eventually morph into THE ULTIMATE spacebuild mod.

Where combining spacebuild/RP/combat is just the beginning

also, the Spacebuild mob have some awesome Hazard Suits (blue, red, orange ones) they’re almost like a mix between the HL2 Hazard Suit and a Space Suit (more hazard suit) maybe you could borrow theirs or something

UNgamers has something like this.

Their server has more crashes than a Russian jet pilot I’m afraid.

if you’re doing the base on spacebuild, I HIGHLY doubt it’d work…since garry screwed up the BASECALL.Initialize aspect of things. Sandbox works, why? because of this

Base gamemode --> Sandbox

Yours won’t work (most likely) because
Base Gamemode --> Sandbox --> Spacebuild --> Your GM

you can only call back SO MANY times. it used to be x = x + 1, now, it’s like 2, so, sandbox + base = 2, works fine, base + sand+SB+You = 4…

Other than that, I’m on the Spacebuild 3 development team, working on CDS passively, so, if you need info on the gamemode, lemme know.

Actually Factions and Global RP are Stand Alone Game-modes. The Scripts from Spacebuild are Integrated right in.
If you’ll just check out the code for Factions, You will see that There is an easy way around the Basecall bug.
its just
Base Gamemode --> Sandbox --> SBRP

Trust me, if it did not work then you and I would not be posting in this thread at all.

Also, I have been familiar with the coding of space-build since the first Beta version.
I know all the ins and outs of the Game-Mode.

FINALLY! If/when this gets released, I’ll finally get back into Spacebuild. I got sick of it because it got boring, like there was no point.
I love the mining concept, too. It’ll actually add a point to spacebuilding and a reason for people to steal your minerals/start a war.

We are also working on the ability to Damage a planet’s ability to sustain an atmosphere or just destroy the planet all together creating a black hole. The Current working concepts of this are a little complicated but once mastered we will be releasing a full Mappers Kit for anyone who wants to make new maps for this.

You can destroy a planet’s atmosphere with a mass driver with ls3

But that one proves to be troublesome, This Sent will require an extreme ammount of Terra Juice to use, and will have more Dynamic effects than a mass driver.

(Mass Drivers have been a space Minge favorite for a while and I would love to see it be removed)

For the planet destruction thing, I’d reccomend either:

A massive cannon with enough firing speed to shoot through to the planet’s core and destabilize it


A black hole generator and warp system, effectively allowing you to “eat” a planet with a black hole, warped to it’s core.

This would make a very interesting system…HEY! I just got a great idea! An RTS gamemode based around this, with super weapons like the black hole and planet cannon! It’ll be a hit :D.




There already is an awesome code for a spacebuild mining addon but atm they are trying to get there own custom models. Runs of factions, The Corporation, The Starfleet, The Guild, The Major Miners. Each gives its members bonuses for mining. They have also just added a Tiberium mining option. They are also about to start a new project bringing in more research that can be done via the terminals ect. This is the only mining addon type thing that works as far as I know.
And also they have a creative commons on there idea which also contains some of the ideas you have suggested so…

Up also forgot to mention, some ideas for this content ALSO created for SBC gamemode that is under development.

It’s actually pretty funny how many people are trying to create mining systems at the moment. The SB3 team made their own models, though. So far everyone has just stolen those XD.