Spacebuild Factions Revamp(Making Team)

As the title says I am looking to make a team to revamp the gamemode now known as Spacebuild Factions. I have a lua coder by the name of Lil EZek. I am looking to make a team. The goals that we will be trying to set are as follows:

  • Improve the team gameplay. ie. Add ability to have more than 2 teams.
  • Make new and different ways to acquire money.
  • Implement a ranking system for teams.
  • Make a deeper multiplayer experience.
  • Include a ship building, saving, buying, and trading system
  • Include needing materials to spawn certain props.
  • Make a dynamic shop system for weapons and such
    — For this a good idea would be to include the ability to save your built ship and sell it to someone on a different planet via the shop system.

More ideas will come and ideas are always appreciated!

What are we looking for?

  • Modelers
  • Mappers
  • Scripters
  • Beta Testers

If you have questions at you can contact me by:
adding me on steam: strum21
adding me on xfire: leader1337
coming on ventrilo

We have a ventrilo up for our development and beta testing.

This will be a public gamemode

If you are interested in joining the team please pm me.
If you are interested in joining in the development even if that means ideas you are welcome to join us in our ventrilo.


We will be planing on providing continuous support for this gamemode. That is our goal to have a bug free gamemode that is available publicly.

The team stands as follows(7/25/09):

  • Leader(Virus): Development Manager
  • Lil EZek: Scripter

Beta Testers/ Ideas

  • Matt
  • Kiq
  • Turtles

I have great expectations for this gamemode and know that it will be very fun and exiting when done.

Do you know how to do anything to benefit the mod apart from do ‘creative direction’? If so,this won’t make it.

Not trying to be mean,and all.

I know how to manage servers. I know how to manage a team. I don’t really understand how if there is a person solely there for creative purposes that will make the gamemode fail.

If you do,then THANK THE LORDS!

Is it alright if I sign up as a beta tester?

Yes. I added you on the list. Go ahead and add me on steam and xfire. Go ahead and jump on ventrilo to


Ideas sound quite good, how many beta tester space you got left? IF there is room, i wouldn’t mind signing up.

-snippy snip had a snip-

Bumping up,we have a scriptor,only need a few more people and we’re ready to go!!!

I don’t know how to do shit,
So. Can I just be Beta Tester =D

The biggest problem i have ever seen is the combat system
1: everyone just spams as many weapons as they can to 1 hit other people
2: ppl just spawn a weapon and phys gun it to aim.

fix that and you already made a much better game

We will be able to do that and more! Thanks for the advice

leader1337, In what way do you mean “…that and more!”


What are you going to do for warfare? like ship guns and such?

I would like to make warfare a lot more free. I don’t want to have a “warfare” server. Or have any set places for warfare. I want it to be a realistic. As for ships, I was planning on having a dynamic ship buying system. We could take advantage of the entity ships in SBMP and the guns in there too. I was thinking about being able to put your space ships up for sale to. Have it save in an advances dupe and then when someone buys that ship you had up for sale it gets spawned were they are. You would make the space ships in the whole array of props SBMP offers.

What about big capital ships? I mean, the SBEP ships / fighters are nice, but being able to race a fighter and a corvette just isn’t…realistic. Larger ships should be slower, and not be able to torn on the Y axis (whichever one is roll). YOur order of ships could be

Drones - Unmanned, Imagine them as a current day UAV, except with a gun on them
Fighter - one man, entity, like the SBEP fighters in a way
Frigate - Smallest of the multi-person craft. Armament is limited, yet can easily gank fighters, drones, and other Frigates…a means to keep all of them off of the larger ships.
Destroyer - A small ship that can hold it’s own, A decent armament, Frigates can’t match the firepower of a destroyer except in numbers.
Cruiser - The meat and potatoes of your fleet. Can pack a punch to most any larger ship. Cruisers are great in numbers for taking down Battlecruisers and Battleships, and demolishing a fleet of destroyers and frigates.
Battlecruiser - Battlecruisers are potent killing machines, with a vast ammount of firepower, and can take a beating from almost anything, It’s great for attacking large groups of smaller ships…or going head to head against larger ships or In-Space installations such as stations, factories, or even planetary bombardment.
Battleship - The real guns. Battleships can smack almost anything around, and can hold it’s own against anything that has the foolish intent on attacking it.
Capital ship - Can deploy smaller ships, except for Battleships and Battlecruisers

When i was talking about the adv dupeing thats what i was talking about. The big ships that are practically “space stations”

Yeah. However it’d be nice for you to add a hardpointing system to your fghters that allows removal of items…Because I can buy a fighter off of some guy for 100$ (:v:), you strap 4x 25$ guns on it, and then sell it for 250, the next guy should be able to rip off your crap guns and put on some better ones.

how do i install space build and space maps or what folders do i put them under? srry im new to gmod

That sounds like a good idea. It adds more merchantism to the whole plan of it

I think it would be kickass if each server hosted a solar system, with a box around it, and depending on which wall of the box you hit while flying, to transfer to another server hosting the nearby solar system.

It’s complicated, but hammer can only put so much on one map :frowning: