Spacebuild Factions

To all admins that may see this, this is not a repeat thread of the Global RP one, this is the new thread. If you’re going to close a thread, close my Global RP thread, not this one. Thanks!


Quick Summary

Spacebuild Factions, formerly known as Global RP, takes the spacebuild gamemode and adds:
[ul]2 factions, Humans and Aliens
[li]A money system based on mining space rocks
[/li][li]Beautiful graphical user interface (for those of you with the content package)
[/li][li]Capturing of planets
[/li][li]Methods of interaction between the 2 races, including trading
[/li][li]Native entity damage system
[/li][li]Hostile foreign planets inhabited by NPCS
[/li][li]Native music and sound jukebox
[/li][li]Management of SWEPS, props, and entities to fit the advanced needs of a spacebuild gamemode while keeping mingebags to a minimum
[/li][li]and much much more!






Recommended Files

[ul]Life Support 2 by SB2 Dev Team
[li]Resource Distribution 2 by tad2020
[/li][li]Gcombat by Q42 or Combat Damage System by SB2 Dev Team
[/li][li]Simple Prop Protection by Spacetech[/ul]



-----Version 1.0-----
[!] Fixed war mode
[!] Fixed occasional GUI lua error spamming
[!] Fixed players occasionally not spawning on homeplanets when switching to war mode
[!] Fixed players being able to capture planets they already own
[!] Fixed players being able to capture planets when they are dead
[!] Changed the name from Global RP to Spacebuild Factions




Seems pretty good; I’ll check it out right now.

Looks awesome
will test

That looks pretty sweet. I’d like to see this on a server!

I love how the first music is stolen from Lumines 1.

Nevermind, this gamemode still looks awesome.

This sounds pretty cool :slight_smile: might try and host a server

I remember the old version of this. I absolutely LOVED the mining for money system. I remember making overly complex automated mining machines. Sadly I stopped playing due to the immense ease of minging. Every minge and his dog used the teleport system to insta warp in a pod to the alien word where he would promptly open fire with with a heavy MG kill a few of us then die, rinse and repeat, untill we all logged off. I hope this version as you’ve stated has reduced the minges. I can see just so many wonderful possibilities for this particular gamemode.

Keep up the great work.

Ring-Ding my friends making a gamemode he honestly is’nt really that good do wanna help us? If intrusted tell me and i’ll give more info…
The gamemode is called world-at-war.

Is it possible to get support for other maps? if that map list is implying that it only works on those maps. Also, does this work with SB3?

Only works on maps with grp_ at the front of their name.

Nope, once sb3 is released i’ll add support for it.

But…it is released?

It’s still in beta. He’s refering to the finished (tested) version.

Bug - Dynamite restrictions aren’t working, you can spawn a dynamite of any power.

Nice idea, rebranding it hopefully it will increase the number of players this time - and thanks for sticking with the project!

The best part about GlobalRP in my opinion was always the space race aspect to it. Developing technologies (wire, etc) for mining before the other team to achieve and hold space dominance.

Admins aren’t restricted, only notified, regular players should be restricted.

You might as well start working on the SB3 version. Not much is happening here in the world of Sb3 at the moment.

Just RD3 and LS3…And other SB3 addons… :ssh:

I’m not an admin though :v:

How do you buy planets?