Spacebuild fail help

Right this problem has been going on for a while now and I don’t know what to do. Right, I made a spaceship on spacebuild, and this usually worked and flew fine, and it was by using constant value (1 value of 0.2), an advanced pod controller, and an advanced gyropod. But then wire mod updated, and every time I tried to fly the ship it came up with the error message: [addons\sbep-2\lua\entities\gyropod_advanced\init.lua:459] attempt to perform arithmetic on field ‘GyroPitch’ (a nil value)
And then the ship just floats about, and I can’t seem to fix it. If anyone had a solution, it would really help.
Oh, and this was on spacebuild 3, life support 3.

This is either an SBEP or wiremod issue. Not a spacebuild one.

I’ll try to check out the error this evening though. Might just be a faulty check somewhere.

it’s sbep, and it’s about the gyropitch not being defined or some variable, and it’s on the 459th line of code, but thats all I know about this problem


nvm, i figured it was conflict between sbep and halo, so i deleted halo and sbep alpha model pack, and yay, it stopped. Only problem is, I can’t actualy select the advanced gyropod off of the menu now, it’s just disapeared. I might be able to solve this bit of the problem myself though, thx anyways