spacebuild flood mod cross over

so a game mode like flood mod that is revamped for space it would be a simple box for a map noclip in build mode and in fight mode gravity and atmosphere turn off making u rely on your life support and your enemy’s goal is to take out or destroy your ls system and u die simplely by a lack of air

Ok because I like this idea I’m going to put your request into a language people can understand:


Because Air is Everything


Players build ships in space and attempt to sabotage other
ships destroying their air supplies or stealing it for themselves.
If you run out of air you die…


1. Build Phase :siren:

In this phase the players are split into two teams and given a set
amount of time to construct their ships using a set number and list
of parts. In this phase players are noclipped and cannot damage each other
or touch/damage the enemies parts.

2. Attack Phase :siren:

In this phase the players are spawned inside their ship via a
place-able spawn point. Noclip is deactivated and players loose all
their building tools. Players can choose classes such as an engineer
who can rebuild destroyed props, and pilots who can fly the
ships/fighters. The goal in this phase is to destroy or cripple the enemies
vessel in order to make them suffocate and die.

Well I think that sums up your idea with a few of my own thrown in.
Since this is your idea go ahead and add or take away whatever you want, but use my post as a model for yours, and please work on your spelling!

Yeah pretty much that’s the idea