Spacebuild gamemode not starting serverside (Help ASAP)

Thanks for reading guys. I need help ASAP for this. I have Life Support, Custom Addon Framework, Resource Distribution, Petrol Mod, Gas Systems 2. I’m trying to start a Spacebuild server, but whenever I go outside a world the box doesn’t show to say that I’m losing air etc. I’ve tried to start it as different gamemodes but it won’t work.

Please help!

Same here

Do you have the spacebuild addon installed? Only the addon works, not the gamemode. The SB gamemode is just sandbox with the Spacebuild name, and is no different otherwise.
If this still doesn’t work, there is always an alternative to the SB addon, that should work with all the LS3 and stuff and tends to be less laggy.

Thanks for the replies. I might actually use Environments as it seems easier and a lot better looking.