SpaceBuild Gmod13

Hi, I love SpaceBuild but since gmod 13 came out I cant do the standard Garry’s or SVN check out for it. Plus I found some addons for it in the workshop hoping that it would help a little on servers but I still get script errors and I cant enjoy it with all of the model errors. Can anyone help me? Like tell me how to install it right for Garry’s Mod 13 or what to do. Please serious and descriptive answers. Thank you in advance.

Use this:

It’s the spacebuild 3 addon with LS and RD included (so you only need this).
You can either press the zip button to get a zip of the addon, which you have to extract and then put into your addons folder. You can also use an svn client, but since sb3 isn’t going to change much anymore there are no real advantages to it anymore.

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SB2 can either be found here: (3 seperate addons)
or here (for a combined into single addon version)

Holy cow that was fast thank you :slight_smile:

Quick question that probably fits in here: When will the spawnlists in SB and SBEP be updated to the new spawnlist format?

Or do we have to go through and pick everything manually?

Um there’s no way to zip or checkout the sb2 files and i have the sb3 files but i still don’t have the tools or the models help please

Ow, seems like github make some changes.
You can checkout(sv) sb2 using

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For sb3, if you use the zip (or checkout) from github it should work. Might be a minor bug here and there but in general everything should work.

how can i raise the max limit of generators and storage and whatnot?