Spacebuild: Harvest, Fly, Explore, BUILD.

I’m pleased to announce an upcoming new release of the popular Garry’s Mod gamemode Spacebuild! This release features a return to the classic Spacebuild 2 style of Resource Distribution/Life Support, with new entities, all new models and of course, new maps to explore!

Life Support
Immersion without overcomplication

This version of Spacebuild will feature a Tiered life support system. The basic devices will get you off of your spawn planet and out into space- but you will need to explore and harvest minerals unique to other worlds in order to build better equipment, and in turn, self sustaining colonies.

This update features a return to the pre-spacebuild 3 style of gameplay- directly connecting devices with visible links, without requiring resource hubs. Resources and devices have been carefully planned out so that they are both useful AND balanced.

Planetary Mining
Asked for and delivered

Spacebuild will feature a planetary/asteroid mining system which is critical to your offworld survivability. Basic life support devices are freely available, but they require you to return to a habitable world in order to re-supply. Advanced devices will allow you to build sustainable habitats on alien worlds (and even the depths of space), but they require specialized minerals in order to be constructed…and not all minerals are found on all worlds. You must explore to locate these valuable materials- and claim these worlds before others get there first!

Want to Contribute?
Ask not what your gamemode can do for you

Models- Experienced modellers wanted! Most of the LS devices are still using placeholder models, so if you’d like to volunteer and build some nice models, I’ll send you the info. Those experienced with animated models to the front of the line!

Maps- I’d like to have a nice base of maps to release with the gamemode. I’ll be making a bunch, but anyone who wants to contribute in the way of maps, you’re certainly welcome to. You’ll need some info for compatibility with the Mining entities, and when I finish coding it I’ll provide what you need. Maps will use the same logic_case as Spacebuild 2. (I have a chart I’ll put up in a bit)

Lua Scripts- I pretty much have a decent handle on this- most of the scripting is done, sans the mining portion and a few entities.

Suggestions of course are welcomed. Those interested in testing the gamemode (and by testing, we all know you really mean play it before it’s released) I’ll have an SVN or something up with the current build soon.

So you dropped hope for frontier?

Not at all. Frontier looks to be a fantastic gamemode, but last I heard it was still a ways off.

Spacebuild has always been my gamemode of choice, but lately it’s been somewhat neglected. I’m hoping that with this update (and new content!) we’ll see it as popular as it was two or three years ago.

I should also mention that I’ll be releasing compatible versions of new_worlds_2, twinsuns and (maybe?) voyages.

Spacebuild has no hope left for it. It’s been put down and picked up so many times it’s just a jumbled mess of code and models.

The best way to bring anything like it back is to start from scratch with some more optimized code.

I’m cautiously excited about this.

Is this just your own spin on SB? I’m pretty sure this is not SB4.

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Also, this appears to be the wrong subforums, it should be in Gamemode Development.

ok i liked sb2 but having to have 30 gens to get resources fast was absurd… sb3 is laggy and all but the multiplier on the gens is superior in that mind… overall if you were to make a “spacebuild” do it from scratch so it can be optimized from the get go… hoping to see this in the future.

I disagree. Spacebuild has a lot of potential, if done right.

Spacebuild 3 was indeed a mess. It really didn’t seem to have any cohesive plan to it. It was made much more complicated in the name of ‘realism’ but with no regard to gameplay. It was bloated and laggy, with tons of redundant entities and unused models.

I’m focusing on a ‘less is more’ philosophy with my take on Spacebuild. While yes, I’m using Spacebuild 2 as a base to work from, I’ve stripped out a lot of unnecessary code, and spent a LOT of time planning out
which entities would contribute to gameplay the most. While there’s still work to be done, the gamemode feels much more streamlined.

In terms of performance, so far, I haven’t experienced any problems. Mileage may vary, I suppose, depending on PC hardware.

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SnakeSVX intends to further develop SB3. I have permission to develop this, and while I didn’t take the name SB4, that is how it is intended. Think of it as a reboot :slight_smile:

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I’ve worked on balancing generators a bit more, particularly energy generation, however with the right devices you’ll be able to resupply yourself in flight, so there won’t be as much of a need to create ridiculously huge resource stockpiles in your ships.

Spacebuild 3 was not bloated whatsoever, it just didn’t use the most optimized methods in several important areas. You can have a complicated, realistic system with just as little lag as an incredibly simple one.

Seemed that way to me, with all the devices that existed to harvest/store resources that had no use. Models included with the pack that weren’t used. And honestly, how many varieties of hubs, resource tanks, etc. did we really need?

Either way, I don’t mean to rip on SB3. It’s really just a matter of preference. Those who would rather play it, or say, Frontier when it’s released, go for it, as long as it’s fun. All I’m doing is building the kind of gamemode that I would want to play, and if someone else out there likes it, then it’s worth it to me. Same with my maps.

How about you wrap all the generator logic in coroutines and just put all the networking on timers, or add some sort of system to discriminate between what should get networked and what it shouldn’t? That way you will have barely any lag over regular sandbox.

Oh, and planning ahead may help. Actually designing the gameplay should go a long way.

You specified that SB3 was a mess, not LS3. I misinterpreted you and assumed you meant just SB3. (also, bandaids work with iPhone touch screens :smiley: )

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Big Bang, coroutines aren’t threads they are just like fancy loops.

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Also, it’s not like having many different kinds of entities lags more than just a few kinds. The key is to make it so you can have small simple LS systems for ships and large complex ones for like mining plants to appeal to both sides. If the devices don’t have a use, make one.

There are already several gamemodes like this that are either out or coming soon.
SpaceTownRP, Frontier and SpaceAge.

Plus Enviroments by CmdrMatthew will be getting mining soon and its a mutch better addon then SB3.

that could be cool but if you do that you may be accuse of plagiarize spaceage and spacetownrp
and if your server realy work you could kill those comunities and get some enemies :confused:

If I were to take their code, then yes, I would be guilty of plagiarism. Similar concepts, no. Besides, Spacebuild has been around long before either of those.

do you plan on making this a private gamemode?

If I did, I wouldn’t be posting it here :confused:

But you are plagiarizing SB2? Why not remake it from scratch if you think there is so much wrong with it?

I don’t think there’s a lot wrong with it, and I’m not plagiarizing anything. I have not claimed existing code as my own, and as I mentioned before, I have permission to further develop this gamemode.

I’m spending a lot of time here defending the mere existence of my project, and it hasn’t escaped me that most of the criticisms are coming from the two developers of, for lack of a better term, competing gamemodes.

Before you continue tearing down my project, let me release something first. Give it a shot. After you play it, and if you decide you don’t like it, by all means play something else. I won’t be offended.

Out of curiosity, what exactly is the name of your gamemode? Is it the full title of the thread, is it just spacebuild, or is it something else?