Spacebuild help for silly old me.

Hi I’ve been playing gmod for awhile now and recently got addicted to Spacebuild so I happily svn’d all the links and found me a map and set to work but when I activated LS I was suddenly losing air on Earth so in my rage I jumped
and flew until I died in space. So I’d like to fix this but i’ve tried for hours with no success so now I turn to you facepunch, HELP ME PLZ.

EDIT: If you couldn’t guess its the atmosphere around the planets I can’t get to work.

I’m having the same problem.

Earth planets(starting points) always(if you installed SB right) have their own atmosphere, however, IF you click “Clean up everything” you remove that, I have searched all over the Earth pl;anets, and have never found an atmosphere generator…

It doesn’t even work to begin with.

Which map? because I’ve played on SB_Oman, SB_Gooniverse and loads ohers, atmospheres are doen well to where only if I leave the world, I’ll end up dying, only if I clicked:“Clean up everything” did the atmosphere get destroyed, so which maps are you using?

All sb maps.

I’ve had multiple reports about this so far, but haven’t been able to reproduce it myself (neither have any of my friends on garry’smod that I asked about it).

Could you tell me which addons you have installed (1. for spacebuild, together with the versions and where you got them and 2. any other addons you have installed, again with versions and where you got them)?

that means either you didn’t install the maps properly, or didn’t install SB properly.

Except I have. And I’ve bought Gmod on steam.

Use a Environment addon to replace standard SB3 core, it gives higher stability, less lag, and atmosphere can’t be removed. Tho it doesn’t work perfectly with a Hull Mod.
Also some people don’t like it’s HUD, but you can make it simpler or disable it at all in settings.

I have a SB server, so i know what i am talking about.