Spacebuild life support 2 & correct resource distribution link to download

alright so i dn’t like SB3… i was wondering if anybody had spacebuild 2 and all the life support stuff for it??? if anybody does could u plz send me a link of ur uploaded version?


(User was banned for this post ("Be helpful or don't post" - Benji))

thats bs, i know you don’t have the game mode SB2.


(User was banned for this post ("Be helpful or don't post" - Benji))

I try to find the stuff


and SVN of SB2, LS2, and RD2 related stuff!

[snip. it seems we can’t post that link on here on Facepunch. PM on Steam, and I can send you the link.]

(this is like, everything related to LS2 just so you know. there is a LOT of stuff in it)

Credit goes to Shabadu_ for finding that link

I wonder why the Dev Team didn’t post this link, maybe if you would have figured that they didn’t want it given out that you shouldn’t have either…

this isn’t made by the dev team so can’t be trusted. Time to Report!

sb3 is better, why would would want sb2?

Send an email to the owner of the project and an email to Google code asking to remove it from their system.

I prefer sb3, but I can see why people want sb2. ATM, there is only 3 ways to get water. Air extractors, water pumps and fuel cells. In SB2 all you need is a coolant compressor. And in sb2 fusion generators ROCK. I still often play sb2 just for funtypes.

You sir, are awesome.

No more buggy Gamemodes and LS for me :smiley:

the reason i want sb2 is because i want to run life support 2. i personly like life support 2 better than life support 3.lS2 has all the cool scrubbers and things that SB3 doesn’t have.

Benji he owns the mod and has every right to deni support for things that have been publicly removed.

Alot of SVNs at this website

Virus scan time.

Macfee say’s it’s not safe.

so, because Snake (SB2DevTeam) started PSMing about some people liking SB2 (because it’s simple, instead of anal and bitchy), no one is allowed to try and get it anymore?

And the Dev’s didn’t post that link because someone else made it (made the link, not the content).

All it is SB2, LS2 (and it’s many additions), and RD2 rolled into one SVN dump.

And just because it isn’t made by the Dev’s (who seem to now hate everything that isn’t their newest version…), doesn’t mean it isn’t safe. (the new uploader could be a nice person, despite what some people say…).

I use the SVN I posted, because I still like SB2, and given people are asking for links as well, they also still want SB2.

SB3 is nice, and it’s great if you want a more realistic Spacebuild, but not everyone wants realism. When I play Single Player, I want to be able to make my ship, add a Climate Regulator, and go. Not make a huge surplus of stuff so I can survive a trip somewhere, and head right back to the Spawn for more stuff.

SB3 is cool for stuff like SpaceRP, where you don’t want somebody with a climate Regulator to be set forever. Although, in servers where the point is Space Exploration instead of RP, people don’t want to worry about running out of LS, so SB2 is better.

It’s not like SB2 is unstable and full of bugs that will rip the server in half and send hitmen to go murder the server owner. So what’s the issue with people wanting to use something simple instead of something more complex then it needs to be?


Isn’t that the one that says .torrent files are viruses? Or am I thinking of another anti-virus?

Hey! I’m a SB3 dev (technically speaking) and I don’t hate SB2.
I just think it has flaws. It’s like asking for…wait, that’s not a good analogy (Windows-based)…ummm… It’s like asking for a cheeseburger when you could have a steak. Most of the time you’d prefer the steak, it’s obviously better, juicer. But sometimes you just don’t have the time for it, or the taste for it, so you go for the burger.

And as for:

Comparatively, it is.

And for:

If you’re curious how that works, just make sure you have the SB3 addon and it’s fellow addons installed, and then load up a SB map in DarkRP. There you have it, easy SpaceRP.

sorry, I was referring to Snake/SB2DevTeam


Cool idea. Not what I was talking about, but I do like the idea. (I meant more of an RP thing will Space jobs)

If only you knew lawl.

And the re-upload is breach of copyright, as the author has not given permission for it to be re-uploaded. Just like alot of things on are breach of copyrights.


(and I like [noparse]:doom:[/noparse])