Spacebuild / Life Support: Gravity Plating bugging


I’m having a problem with the gravity plating tool in lifesupport. Whenever I use it, there comes indeed gravity, but the moment I hit the surface I’m launched into the air. If it is a closed room, I will ping pong on the walls, and eventually die of it. Someone got an answer?

Thanks in advance!

Ehh… Bump?

Well, when I use it nothing happens at all- it’s just broken I guess- and the maker of life support doesn’t seem to be fixing bugs any more, so tough luck i guess…

However- there is a “gravity generator” with the life support environmental stuff- hook it up to some energy and weld it to your ship/station and you have gravity- albeit for the cost of LS power.
Also, the climate generator as well as providing air etc creates gravity- but uses alot of resources.

We’re still fixing bugs, we just don’t always have the time for it.

We fixed some bugs a while back in LS and SB, the problem usualy is that people either don’t report any bugs, report them to the wrong place or just say “LS is broken” without giving any info as to what exactly is broken, in which situation and in which version (svn, some zip they downloaded, …)

Out of interest, where is the correct place to report bug information? So that anybody seeing this thread knows the right way to go about things