Spacebuild Mapping Contest!

Spacebuild Mapping Contest!

As Facepunch’s resident Spacebuild nut, I figured it would be fun to have a Spacebuild mapping contest of sorts, so here goes:

Your objective is to build a planet. It could be an earth type planet, it could be some bizarre alien world, whatever. One month from now, on October 10th I will pick out seven submissions to be compiled into one map. Once the map is put together and released, We’ll put it to a vote here on FP as to which planet is the best on the map. The winner of the vote will receive a steam game of their choice, up to $30 US.

The Rules

  1. Players may enter by posting screenshots of their map here on the thread.

  2. Mappers will be notified by PM if their planet is chosen, and an email address will be provided for you to send your .vmf to me. I will announce the chosen maps in the thread.

  3. Maps can be built using either HL2, CSS or EP2.

  4. Custom resources (textures, models, etc.) may be used as long as they are sent to me along with the .vmf.

  5. To ensure we can fit each planet on the map, the maximum planet diameter will be 6144 units.

  6. Planet shells are optional; if you do choose to provide your own shell, PLEASE use a model rather than a brush.

  7. All content must be original.

To start you guys off, here’s a link to Pelf’s Enhanced Planet Dev Kit, which I use religiously in my mapping adventures.

As an added bonus, if someone comes up with an awesome enough space skybox for the map (spacebox? starbox?) the designer will receive a $5 Steam gift.

So get creative! Be sure to post screens of your progress in the thread too!

Let me know if I missed your name

Neo Kabuto


We have a competition going already. Wait till its finished.

Is there a particular reason why there can’t be two going on at once?

You expect people to map for both at the same time?

Why not? Either way, they can choose for themselves if they want to enter my contest or not.

Its a pain in the ass.

People who are not doing the other contest can do this if they want.

Then don’t enter. I’m not holding a gun to your head.


Exactly. The contest is still on, there’s a $30 game to be won, so GET MAPPING!

I…am going to look up your Spacebuild Mapping tutorial and try this out. Can Propper count for making the planets?

I’ll join.

i may join. is it just planets, or can we make a spacestation too?

If only I knew how to make a decent planet shell. I’ll probably still try this, though.

Well good thing I’m already making a spaceship map. Dunno if I’ll enter this though.

As well, can I ask what a shell is? Or is there some Spacebuild Megathread with all the answers about 10 pages in that I’m missing. I’ve played on maybe one spacebuild map about 2 years ago…but I’m trying to get into mapping more.

OP knows jackshit about mapping. He just doesn’t want to request a map because he knows requests never get done.

A shell is the end of the atmosphere, without it it’d just be a floating slab of land

Um. Might I refer you to some of my completed projects?

Plus this one that I have in progress:

And as much as I hate to toot my own horn, New Worlds 2 was mentioned in PC Gamer next to Gooniverse as one of the more popular spacebuild maps. Just sayin’.

Moving on.

A planet shell would be this:

Basically, it’s just a modeled sphere with the planet’s exterior texture mapped to it. It’s what makes your chunk of land look like an actual planet from the outside.

Anyway, I can throw together planet shells complete with the interior sky and an outer layer of clouds in just a few minutes using XSI, so if anyone wants me to build their shells for them, it’s no problem.

Zomg getting owned with the classic ‘unknown mapper’ strategy.


My favorite of strategies.