spacebuild mapping tutorials ?

Hello everybody

This is my first post so please be nice :slight_smile:

I was wondering if anybody knows any good SB mapping tutorials as i have been following this one (
but it seems to have died and is incomplete and i am stuck with a model outside gmod and a plant with a single cone

Does anybody know any tutorials to help me finish this? and if so could you link me to them, i have googled and googled and i cant find a single one.

Once again thanks :slight_smile:


You obviously didn’t search that hard…

Well aint u clever seing as thats the link i made im my original post… or are you that lazy you cant be bothered to read so i sugest you stop thowing me abuse and start to get some respect

Now thats my rage finished is there anybody who can actuly help or are you all just gonna troll ?

so what you just don’t know how to compile the model?

These should make a nice start…

my problem is iv’e got the model outside the game so yes i don’t know how to put it in, also i have tried the tut and that dident help something about a func_illusion brush and such, its just a case of making the sky but i don’t know how, if its a model like in the other tut or weather its a texture onside and a func_illusion on the other side.

The cone acts as a sky as far as I know. The model is so it looks like a planet from the outside. The first link I posted tell you how to get a model from blender into source. That’s your best bet for making the model since XSI went defunct a year ago.

ty rusty shall look into tomorrow :slight_smile: