SpaceBuild mapping.

Hi guys, i have a similar questions about it,

i started to make some new spacebuild map with 4 planets and 3 spacestations and many more new stuff for spacebuild feeling.

The problem is, i dont know how to

  • make that no-air gravity like spacebuild maps, (no air = die)
  • how to make spacestation with gravity only, (that you can breath if you enter that)
  • the hangar with gravity but can be disabled after a ship is docking/landing in (I/O System no problem but how the gravity)
  • wich parameters or what should i do in Hammer to bring player die if he got not enough air, coolant, energy.

I probably think coolant, air and energy are different entitys which controls it with spacebuild3 gamemode.

Any ideas are welcome,
and yeah thx a lot who trying to help.

Download this

There we go

Thx but that is spacebuild gamemode, not rlly helps me.
Because i´m mapping a spacebuild map…not a server with spacebuild gamemode.

Yeah, they used to have a tutorial on that thread. :stuck_out_tongue: Try the new link

Oh yeah, thats freaking awsome!! thx :smiley:

No problem! :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah that helps me, but i still dont know how to make the player CAN breath inside of a station/planet, and outside not.
Which entity will be triggered as no-air area for spacebuild gamemode?

I believe the entity used in Gooniverse is called sb_base_planet1 or something, I’m not certain what settings are used though

There are many settings, it used logic_case entity for radius, pressure, atmosphere lights ect.
And if this logic_case is in map, then it will ignore the default gravity on the map and put custom (aka logic_case gravity default 1) gravity in that radius of the logic_case. Required is only SB3, CAF, RD3, LF3 for clear working on the map, and it works pretty nice.
Here some screenees

Fast Compiled
Probably i will add more spacestations, up to 4 or something and a spawnplanet with much place for build your ship of dream :smiley:
If requested, can add some mining entitys for the mining addon,
so far so good, it works , thx very much for the link, it helps a lot on other things what i needed :slight_smile:
I think this thread can help other new mappers for spacebuild only.
Here the link with settings for logic_case
thx Cobra

Ah yes, that was the thread I was trying to show on my first post :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah :slight_smile: I didnt seen the logic_case tutorial on the bottom xD