Spacebuild Model Pack Crash

I use SpacebuildModelPackAlpha2 from, the one with all the flyable entity spaceships and that.

When someone joins my server, I crash and the game freezes up. It only does it on space maps, other maps are fine.

Singleplayer with space maps works fine.

It crashes whether I use sandbox or Spacebuild 3 gamemode.

How do I fix this? I would like to keep this addon as it’s really good.

Does it crash with Spacebuild 2?

I don’t know. I haven’t used Spacebuild 2 in ages.

Also why should it matter? It crashes on sandbox to.

Try it with SpaceBuild 2. It might work

OK. I’ve tried Spacebuild 2, same thing.

Try cleaning out other mods that may be colliding, or just plain crashing your garrysmod even if the spacebuild model pack isn’t installed.

I don’t have any mods that are colliding nor any that crash GMod, it’s all fine without that model pack.


Too many addons, remove ones you don’t need, Spacebuild Model Pack is very very large, GMod can’t handle unlimited addons.

It’s time I cleaned my addons folder out anyway, there’s some I don’t use. I’ll try that and report back.

use the svn.

Yeah, the problem was too many addons. I deleted some I didn’t need/use and the problem is gone.

Thanks l337k1ll4.