Spacebuild models spawn as effects

Hello There,

Since yesterday i’m in possession of a dedicated linux server.

So I installed and configured gmod to run on it, all working fine.

However, as soon as I installed SBEP I noticed that I can’t seem to spawn any SBEP models.

They spawn as effects for me, is there any fix for this at this present time?

Or am i screwing up something?

Below a screen of what I mean with that the models spawn as effects :slight_smile:

Nobody? :frowning:

Sound like missing physics models.

I already updated the SVN folders about 5 times.
Also I compared them to my client sided folders.

They are >exactly< the same. And my client sided version is working just fine.

So this seems to be a linux related issue. I do know that linux and windows have a different way of working with directory’s and filename’s so perhaps this issue it related to that.

I’m not sure however and i’m looking to more people with this problem. And perhaps a fix.

Make sure file names are lower case. Apparently this has caused a problem on Linux.

TBH, this is an addon. What do you exactly mean with “make sure file names are lower case”.

Again, this is involving an addon…I tried renaming the main addon folder (SBEP_Models) to sbep_models but with no luck

The model names themselves should be all lower case.

Model names where already lower case, so I renamed all the .phy extension to lower case as well. In short every file is now corresponding with each other (MDL/PHY).

Still the models spawn as effects, is there anything else I can try?

Isn’t spacebuild broken?

Not for Windows clients as far as I know.

Also see for my full issue report.

But I have a feeling they aren’t responding to any issues…