Spacebuild offline

hi there, i’ve been fiddling with my addons, trying to get spacebuild to work properly offline, i used snakesvn links, and installed all the neccesary SVN’s, but it still dosent want to work, i get spammed “INSTALL THE SPACEBUILD ADDON”- i have (via SVN) i cant access most of lifesupport, and petrol systems and i dont die/nograv when i go out into space

any help?

here is a picture of my addons folder
i’ve since removed SG snd SG2, the other ones are easy to figure out LS3c = life support 3 core, LS3S = life support 3 sents etc

please help! i can play on spacebuild servers fine, just not offline

SB3 goes in gamemodes, not addons.

Theres an addon and a gamemode. you need both.

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i have a feeling if i remove the gamemode, it might work, ill give it a shot in a minute, beacause on the SVN link page it says it was replaced by the addon

bump- needa get this working a couple hours
also, the only lifesupport tool that shows up is gravity plating if it helps

i’ve got it kinda working- i now die and nograv in space but ls3 still isnt working properly