Spacebuild or WarBuild?

Since I’ve decided to change my server to something other then DarkRP, I was thinking, should I make the server spacebuild or should I make it WarBuild?(General Gcombat with lifesupport stuff for underwater warfare and such. Also searchlights. =D) So I was wondering, what you guys think. Please feel free to post your thoughts below, unless their something useless. Thanks!

I think you’ll find Spacebuild is rather popular.
Just make sure you’ve got SBEP, Stargate, Wire and PHX.

I’ve got most of those things except stargate and I’m going to get spacebuild tomorrow when I’m no longer grounded. My dad grounded me for just one bad report. I love him but he’s just a tight-ass sometimes.

Oh btw, Spacebuild2 is probably the better one to go for. Just make sure you get a working version.

Nah I’m going to try spacebuild 3

Well another question guys, is there like a specific gamemode for spacebuild that includes rp or something like that? I was wondering since I’m quite fond of RP, and if there are some futuristic player models/sweps too? I would really appreciate if anyone could tell me, just to spice things up a bit.

Only one I know is stargate RP.

Well thanks anyways, maybe in time I can come up with something.