Spacebuild & Resource Mods - Water Weight Problem

Hey, I’m still trying out the resource mods with spacebuild, and everything was going great. An issue came up though. As I am ready to take a canister of water up to a separate planet, I notice that my ship was having a hard time getting off the ground, and when I do get up, the ship starts to lean to one side. I checked the weight of all of my resources and parts, and sure enough, the water tanks were weighing in at around 3000 weight units each. My entire ship only gets up to about 2000 (Alex weighs about 8 units so I can only guess that the closest unit is the British stone; 14 lbs; 6.35 kg). So a canister slightly taller than the average person and as round as a roll of paper towels weighs more than several elephants. I know the weigh increases as you add more water, but that much mass seems ridiculous. Has anyone else noticed this before?

As a side note, heavy water was about 1200 units for the large phx canister (same canister), which was much less than half that of the water. Most of the other resources max out at around 300. Two tons still seems like a bit much for a full tank of liquid oxygen, though.

I’m using the SVN version of Spacebuild and the Resource mods, so I think I have the current versions.

So no one is having this issue, I take it?