Spacebuild Roleplay (CR)

Spacebuild roleplay!

spacebuild roleplay is a RpSpacebuild mix On this gamemode you will be able to do

*Craft plasma guns
*Craft guns
*Working Plasma stargate items
*Make a gang or faction
*customise ships skin E.G clan logos
*Skin maker playermodel clan cloth
*Armours craftible and non
*Clan guns craftibal
*Space legions
And much more…

The main point of this gamemode is to make the experience as real for the players and player, Its a really easy customisatibal Gamemode for clans groups factions.

We are in alpha right now, I need testers so leave a comment why you would help and be usefull and ill pm you with server ip!

pics and vids not released

Well this sounds cool but heres what I think it is: 400 different addons shoved together.

No its custome not a pack its all new coded

Can I see the init.lua?