Spacebuild RP request

I was Playing DarkRp the other day,
And i started thinking about an edited version-

Just edit the jobs, so theres astronauts, and others.

Just Wondering if it could be done.

Probably, but I imagine it’s been done before.

Something I would find interesting is a cross between GMStranded and SpaceBuild, (collecting resources to build ship parts and stuff would be sort of cool.)

Yes god yes we need it

Indeed, it would be interesting…

yea! maybe a mix of dark RP the cop would be = space army and gangsters could be smugglers and collect space ship parts would be cool

This had been done once before and was on However I’m assuming it was removed since I have not seen it anymore. I could make an attempt at doing it if you wish and as long as I would receive credit.

yea maybe a mix of all darkrp, spacebuild, and a little bit of stranded in there… and superXero if u tried to make one u can have credit for it…

You can do this already. Set DarkRP to your gamemode, and load up a SB map. (while making sure you have all the SB3 addons installed) If it doesn’t work automatically (it should) go into the main CAF menu and enable spacebuild 3. Viola! You’ve gotten your DarkRP into my SB3.

oh thanks ill try that. :slight_smile:

Did it work?