SpaceBuild RP (SBRP)

Just an idea I came up with while playing on a space build server.

Basically it’s a sci-fi rpg where you must earn weapons and prop limits for your ship, the only problem is that I don’t know how to code lua, so I need a bit of help. If you are willing to help feel free to post a reply.

Ideas so far:
When you first start you will start with a rookie ship, Rookie life support, and Rookie mining equipment. You must first mine and collect various resources from asteroids to sell and buy better weapons for your ship. You could also buy a physgun, tool gun, access to certain spacebuild props (modbr, smallbr, medbr, phx), and and advanced gyropod, better life support. with the new equipment you would be able to build your own ship, and participate in pvp.

Sounds like Eve.

Pure coincidence, because I have never played EVE, I’ve only seen ads.

Any ways I’ve pretty much giving up on this, so I don’t need any help anymore, in fact, I am currently working on improving the radioactive sandbox gamemode.

You could check out this

I’m pretty sure Space Age servers are making one.