Spacebuild RP

Does anyone remember the days of Spacebuild RP? GMod RP these days is pretty limited to DMing on rp_downtown_v2, as far as I’ve seen, except for the occasional HL2RP which just dies in a month or so.

When I eventually release SeriousRP (lol), you will be able to run it on a spacebuild map and create a government for each planet. Install life support and away you go.

Other option is Factions. RKSZone run a Factions server, search for FactionsRKS in the game list. That is Aliens vs Humans RP

Factions is still kind of DMy.

It can be, but that’s a legitimate role to play in that game. People seem to actually arrive with huge gunships and RP in-character.

Why the two have failed to mix as well as some of the other RPs out there, I’ll never know.

Hey I saw this and I thought it might be useful, I’m starting a new RP mod for space build involving custom maps, spacebuild models pack, mining, outlaws, space police, and money. I need a bunch of lua coders to help with this. If you would be as so kind to help out if anyone sees this contact me at churchrvbrvb on steam. Thanks.