Spacebuild server with quite a few mods, and rd3 etc.

Average upload speed 400kbps
average dwnload speed is 9 mbps

a sapcebuild server with quite a few mods
how many slots can i have whilst keeping the ping below 150?
Specs : Pentium D (old ones ) 930 -(3.00Ghz)
2gb ddr2 533mhz ram
nvidia 7600 gt

Your CPU will probably choke before upload.

cpu will probably choke?
if that means its not powerful enough, some ppl run servers on pentium 4’s do they not
Also what is the simplest way of getting a non-dedicated server up and running- so i can play on the same computer. Ive tried portforwarding+sv_lan 0+heartbeat
it doesnt work

Not any good ones.

can anyone help me on my quest to get a non-ded serevr up and running