Spacebuild servers?

So uhm… Does anyone know if there are any spacebuild servers still alive?

And have you ever played spacebuild and if yes what did you think of it? C:

I would happily give someone access to manage a truly decent SB server :frowning:

However everyone I trust is as lazy as I and wouldn’t maintain it :frowning:

We used to run a Spacebuild server in LemonPunch which was quite fun for a good while, but unfortunately it’s a gamemode rather prone to crashing in its current form. However the gameplay is fun and inspiring, and it encourages creativity, so wish anybody who’d run it good luck.

If you like spacebuild, here is Spacebuild Factions

This aliens-vs-humans Spacebuild2-based RP mode was created by RingDing in 2007 and I ported it (and SB2) to GMOD13.

All instructions are there on github. Maps are included.

I’m still waiting for my favourite SB server to return.

I will wait for as long as it takes, even if it has been two years since it died (damn GM13 update).

Spacebuild was one of my favorite gamemodes/addons, I would love for it to make a comeback.

Diaspora no longer exist? that as my goto Spacebuild hangout

Me too. Spacebuild is what gets me into Gmod, especially this video

And several other fusion bombs

I still remember back then in spacebuild servers that using compressors is prohibited because it empties the atmosphere (!) and I watch drama unfold where the server owner demotes one of their admins because the owner thinks that that admin is hostile to people and the owner doesn’t want the players to leave