Spacebuild Ship Cores

There is a mod that I saw on a McBuild spacebuild server. It was a ship core thing that provided shields aswell. The shields matched the prop exactly when they were hit. It wasnt like teh shields that you cna get on I am sorry that I do not have any screen shots. Does anyone have teh files at all? I don’t really know where thsi is supposed to go, so please dont ban me for wrong area. Thanks!

I found it this morning:
i tried it out and it works perfectly!


what does this thing do?

Need a New Link this is Broken im have been trying to find this mod for months… i know this thread was posted 3 weeks ago…

It got removed becouse someone leaked us from our server!

I’m using it, thanks for the link. Great add-on.

hey can any one re-post this??? (im not planning on trying to pass it off as my own or use it on my server i just wanna have some good old offline fun)

That link is broken as of now, Can you repost the ship core and give me the link?


Why not? It is very useful, and i do understand why you wish to keep this work of brilliance to yourself. Do not tell me that you fear someone will re post it, and claim it as their own, if that is the main reason, then it is a very bad one, because by now allot of people know that it came from mcbuilds server, plus do you really care that much if people think good things about you? If so then you are a status hungry idiot.

mcbuild turned into bloxgaming with totaly 100% sucks

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