Spacebuild SVN passwords: Yes another spacebuild thread

For fucks sake this is the most elusive mod TO date i have ever tried to play. I played it last year when all the svn’s were working and didn’t have fucking passwords and it was just wire, spacebuild, life support, and resource distribution. Now i’m trying to get back into it again and ALL the svn’s have passwords and anon and anonsvn don’t work at all. There is nowhere to find a rar of what i need, there are DOZENS of new mods for spacebuild.

Does anyone know where i can find the FULL package or at least the password to all the SVN’s for christs sake.

It annoys me too how they put PWs on the files. Its like they want normal ppl to go to their crappy servers to play it. but maybe we want to have some single player fun without peoples stuff lagin us up?