Spacebuild SVN

Okay how else am i supposed to get the spacebuild gamemode if the SVN link was removed on the GMODsvn link page?

Also does it require anything in particular?

try easy svn
its what i use

You can’t get it anymore for various reasons.

ah is this to do with those exploits ive heard so much about?

so what this a private gamemod now or something?

no, it has to do with how Snake (the guy who was making Spacebuild3) got permabanned by Garry.

He decided that if he couldn’t be a part of the Facepunch community, then the Facepunch Community doesn’t deserve his work.

[sp]Although, his ban reason was pretty fucking lame [he said torrents weren’t safe, and Garry was tried of people saying that (mostly because they are only unsafe if you are downloading an unsafe file. exactly like regular downloads…), and then shit hit the fan].[/sp]

I’m surprised somebody like Snake would jump aboard the “TORRETSN ARETN SAFE” bandwagon in the first place.

I’m not sure what you are talking about. I just checked his site and all the SVN links are still up, and my copy of TortoiseSVN had no trouble updating off of them.

His site yes, but the OP only checked the wiki.
Also, this thread needs the SVN tutorial :smiley:


Yes. You are not allowed to post them anywhere… But people still do.

thats because most people know he most likly couldent do very much to stop them