Spacebuild - What on earth is going ON!

I have been trying to get a full version of spacebuild running on my game for the best part of a week.
By full version, I mean one where every entity spawns, every model is there (NO ERRORS!) and all the SB things like Life support are there. Why cant there be a big file with EVERYTHING, instead of 13 smaller folders with soo many bits that can get lost or forgotten. I am sick of this crap, the devs of it have just given up this frankly incredible game mode, that 2 years ago was easily the MOST POPULAR!

/rant over. but seriosuly, help please!

Just read the instructions, or wait for the revised svn where some of the addons are combined into 1…

its been like 6 months…

What has been like 6 months?

Space Build is just like that, you need life support, resource distribution, and space build itself. (Plus the extras you want.)

Its become a bloated and complicated game-mode and you just need to deal with it, it really isn’t hard to make 3 new folders and extract from a svn depository.

A tip: If it has an info.txt in it, its an addon or a gamemode, look in the txt file and it will tell you.

Just a simple question. What content do i need?

BTW: Is there any changelog? Because SVN says last update: Jul,29 2011…

As far as im aware there have been no “major” code changes if anything it would have been model changes or something along those lines.

Technicly you don’t need RD or LS.
SB itself works just fine standalone, but you won’t die in space then.

In the future I’m combining them into a single folder, but people can still turn them on/off seperately.

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So far nope, just bug fixes for the beta and a wip version of SB4.

What can we expect with SB4? The revival project seems to have largely gone balls up, so I’m curious as to what you’re bringing to the table.