This is the new thread for all things Spacebuild. This includes Spacebuild 2, 3 and 4. SB4 is currently being developed by SnakeSVx, Radon and me.

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So yeah, Discuss Spacebuild and the Spacebuild Enhancement Project here now. I’ll add some more information including pictures.

-Regarding SB4 if you can model or texture contact SnakeSVx, Radon(xviper_12) or Me.

** If you are a modeller, mapper or artist exturist and are interested in helping, please contact me**

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SB4 is currently work in progress. You should only download it if you understand how to install it and use it. For Installing, it’s now a Gamemode. This means it no longer goes in the addons folder.
SB4 based off the sandbox gamemode is sort of playable.
SB4-Base is based of the base gamemode instead of sandbox. This means we have a lot of work to do to get it to a semi playable standard.
**Again please only install SB4 if you understand what you are doing **

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Are you making SB4 from scratch? It would be cool if somebody revolutionized LS, RD and SB already. I have followed SB1~2 and it seemed that the whole concept of version changes was just fixing bugs from a large GMod update and adding new resources (just variables that SENTs’ functionalities depend on). GMod Stranded 2 is being re-written completely, you know…

Sorry if I’m late but do these all work on GM13?


Yes Spacebuild 4 is a complete rewrite.

Yes, we started on sb4 from scratch, so if you have any suggestions for new/improved functionality, now is the time :slight_smile:

Well, a pretty obvious suggestion is for it to not lag very much. Though I guess you’ve already got that covered :slight_smile:
Perhaps think about adding something similar to the LS Core from Environments, so that you can create an artificial atmosphere inside your ship instead of having spherical fields of air and heat dotted through it.

And if you don’t feel like adding something along those lines yourself, atleast try and make it easy for modders to add it in afterwards.

We already have something planned that I guess will be similar to this. Haven’t tried environments out yet myself out yet, so we’ll have to see. It might end up being similar or being something completely different but still achieve the effect you are mentioning.

Should I repost my thoughts from the last thread?

Yes please do.

Wow, i think i spent 90% of my time in gmod playing spacebuild

Some of the things which would have been nice are:

Localised atmosphere to ships. So you can wander around a space station without creating a giant atmosphere all the way around it (essentially while you’re on a designated piece of structure, you absorb resources from the ship’s supplies)

An extremely nice extension to this would be to have atmosphere/etc leak out depending on how many of the parts out of the original parts were still present. On top of this, parts would do great with having health (so if you collide your ship into something, bits are destroyed/break off)

I’m not sure how possible those things are in gmod, but at any rate SB3 was a bunch of fun. Good luck!


One of the thing that spacebuild really lacked was being able to move around on your ships. You could ask the gravity hull designator guy if you could bundle it with SB4

In SB4 we are planning to localize the atmosphere inside of the ships instead of having it project in spheres. SB4 will most likely include a Damage System as well.

I currently use SB3 on my server + carters addon pack. I fixed allmost all of the old spacebuild weapons currently missing, the issue is I can’t use them because I run into the new lua files limit, 2048 lua files only. So if you have any idea how to decrease filecount for new sb4 that would be nice.

What I tried already is joining all files together into one (using a tool I made using Visual Studio), only split by using “do … code of file … end” and a few adjustments, it works fine but as the lua file size increases it seems gmod is freezing or taking longer during loadscreen. You can split it into multiple files, you only have to find the balance between file size and file count.

This doesn’t seem to relate to the latest SB4. But you have to remember that most of the addon packs in GMod work together by pure luck. When running that much Lua, things will start to break. Filecount for the new SB4 isn’t a concern at the moment, but if you must know it’s at around 80-85 lua files, and over 9000 (:P) lines of code.

As for previous suggestions regarding environments, me and Snake haven’t used environments and we both came to an agreement of how the new system should work, so we have no idea if it will be similar. The idea is to reduce the load on the Lua (and maths calcs) by moving some stuff to be handled engine side, so we’re using the engines entity touch based system. This should allow us, with correct use of parenting, to make environments on ships stick to their actual physical boundaries (no more enviro-bubbles, sorry guys).

Also if any of you wish to buy us coffee, feel free. I’m the resident caffeine addict :smiley: Hit me up on steam if you’d like some more info regarding SB4 and/or any suggestions (I don’t check facepunch often)

Making an attack run on a large ship and then plummeting to the bottom of the map because of his climate regulator was the worst, thanks for this.

Rounded numbers for things. I like seeing zeroes. I don’t like seeing that my full tank of O2 has 37174 units of O2 in it

Some way of limiting generators without hard limits. I hate joining a server and seeing 10 bajillion wind turbines and even more O2 compressors. But I’d also like to have the ability to have more than one ship/station at a time. Not sure how to accomplish this one, but my friend suggested multipliers that are in the tool itself; you set a value and spawn the gen. If you want to change the value, you set it and just click on the gen again.

Tutorials; or at least, a very simple image that pops up somewhere that explains how you use everything. Even if it’s just an MS-Paint diagram. I’d be willing to make it myself, if I knew how SB4 was going to work. I’m not a fan of reading through pages and pages of things, but a single image to ALT-Tab to (or even have open in the steam browser) would make things much simpler.

We are toying with the idea of an ingame tutorial or a youtube series of tutorials. Also you no longer need fifty million wind turbines or generators to get into space.

Sorry but those are actually very nice numbers, we could have floating points which is a whole 6 decimal places to enjoy, and even with 0’s they look ugly. 37174 is perfect, we can’t deal in units of 10 all the time and where do you draw the line? 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s, where do we floor to?

Current thinking is that we’ll have small,med, and large generators, these will have a set generation value, NO MULTIPLIERS. You will have a VERY LIMITED amount of these, 3 at max (possibly). We may add some system that allows servers to assign specific users values (this will allow more trusted members to have higher access) but no promises at all for that.

As Sam said we’ve been toying around with the idea of making an in-game tutorial, which will effectively step you through each item and hold your hand through it and just use simple lua to check if you’ve done something right then it will proceed. Obviously if we implement this it will be optional. Advanced documentation will be on most probably, and will include some UML diagrams of how all the code works, as well as end-user documentation for each thing.

How are you defining how large a storage is? Isn’t there somewhere where you’d just put “STORAGE_SIZE = 327274” or is it based on how large the prop is? If the latter, and a prop is 21414 units^3, can’t you just add a couple lines to detect the number of characters and replace everything after the first couple of numbers with zeros?

This is all very minor, and I’ll still play, regardless of whether it’s done or not; it’s just something that’s bugged me since I first started playing SB.

No it’s defined by us ( at the moment ), but what I’m saying is that most processes and transactions with these storage devices don’t deal in 10’s and 100’s. My point still stands, you want it to be 0’s, but to what degree.

And it’s bugged you because you are bugged by certain numbers, much like I am bugged by creased/scrumpled up paper.

Quick question(s):

  • What do you guys prefer for spacebuild: an addon or a gamemode?
  • If the answer above is “gamemode”: should it include things like mining and the weapons system (and parts of sbep) or should they stay seperated like before into multiple addons?

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We’re not going to base the max amount of resources on the entity model anymore, this makes it so we have full controll over what the values will be.

On the other hand we’ve simplified the resource usage a bit, which will make it so you can calculate the resources required to go into space and explore. All of these will get documented on a wiki. Together with all the values the devices will have (generators, storage, …).