hi i am having a trouble i with the space build pack how do i install it? here is the link to the pack an i wonder do i need to install anything else with it?

Uploaded 544 days ago
its out of date.

but i downloaded it and i dont know where to extract

Use this guide:

that was just a model pack, do you want the space build basic (still has a heck of a lot of props and ships) or do you already have space build and want to download that model pack?
BartinMuus links a very good tutorial above.

I want spacebuild too.
I want the one that has the weapons like torpedo or x8 cannon or smth, But i can’t find it, Svn links don’t work.
People have lots of problems with spacebuild (including me)

EDIT: Found it its Spacebuild Echenment (or smth)