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A Godly one point perspective!

I endorse this

Slight thing bothers me though. The 10mph sign seems to pop out as if it’s glued on top of the screen. maybe slightly blurring and desaturating it would do the trick? Not sure.

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By the way, what is that building slightly to the left of the middle on the left side of the road with the french roof? Or is that basically something you constructed with the stacker tool?

This is probably the single largest-scale scenebuild I’ve done. About 600 entities (every skyscraper in the foreground is hand-made), only 3 of which were in the skybox. Here’s an image to help give an idea of the scale of things. Took this while I was posing, circled my player :v:

You know what would’ve been kinda neat? If the driver in the white van has a tiny light green/blue illumination coming from the inside from the floor as if it’s his speedometer or radio lights lighting him up. It would have further centralized the picture even more.

Love it, and I love the lighting! My only gripe is the fire coming out of that one ship, looks a little strange.

your stuff always makes me run out of sexual crap to say

This is really impressive, terrific work man!


You aced lighting, fog, atmosphere, scale, depth. Incredible amount of detail! Your dedication to the scenebuild really shows. It is beautifully constructed. Composition angle and colors are all nailed. This one is going to be one of the few memorable pictures I’ll be recalling in the future.

How did you light up the scene? Lamps/flashlight stacked together post game?

man, this is good!

nitpicking: the big starship’s engine flame sticks out too much and the street could use some very subtle reflections

Looks unbelievable.
Did you use the SMP for this?

The lighting is top notch.

A lot lamps and “expensive” point lights, layered together in post. The source engine itself couldn’t handle more than 4 or so lamps at a time in this scene, it hit some kind of shadow limit.

SMP and a bunch of other models I’ve collected over the years.

Best method. Me and a friend are trying to tackle this limit right now.

Something’s been bothering me since I finished this, and I finally noticed what it is. The city looks like it’s got a power outage or something :v:

Just added lights to the background. That was a pain in the ass, but I like it much better now. The city actually looks* alive, *compared to before where the background looked almost fake imo.

last minute attention to details eh?

Once you notice a glaring issue like that, you can’t unsee it. I had to do something, shit would’ve driven me crazy.

Here’s a comparison, going from fullbright -> ingame lighting (composited together) -> Post-processing