i uhhh am looking everywhere for the spacebuild game mode and i think i got one off gmod . com but i do nto think it works and i am not sure it gave me any models or anything

so where can i get one?

a few problems with that …first of all if i right click and try to copy the svn code link thingy it does not work and if i manually type it in t asks for a usename and pass which is provided in the guide (anonsvn)

And…it doesnt work sooo…

Quick question levy… uhh

that is spacebuild three and i read somewhere that (yes i know this sounds wierd but) Spacebuild 2 is the newest one so…what do i doo there…

You’re thinking of “Spacebuild v3” which is the third release of SB1. Do not be confused by the names.


Well i will try it then and i will message back if it works


Yo levy!

It said that the game mode was a dummy game mode and i got no idea wha that is so…

a full one or…

Gamemode doesn’t really do anything, get the addon version and put it in addons. Then get CAF, RD3, and both LS3’s and put them in addons, too.

So how do i play it on my server!

It’s not a gamemode you motherfuckers, its an addon.

And the gamemode on snakes svn is an decoy for you newbies.

I dont want anybody calling anybody any names i jsut WANT A GAME MODE!!!



“file not availible” “Url not valid”


It just so happens that I am also looking for the Spacebuild 2 Gamemode, and the spacebuild wiki link to the download is dead.

Anyone know where I can find it? I’ve already found LS2 and RD2.


Quick update, I was searching archives from long ago, and ended up finding the SB2 gamemode, hurrah.

The gamemode has become an addon. Nuff said. You can use it in sandbox or with rp now, that’s why. Just download the SB3 ADDON and you’ll be done.

So if i ues sandbox on sayyy…gooniverse then how do i like have space kill me and stuff…

and if i want to do normal sandbox what do id dooo

Space maps work the exact same way as they would in the gamemode. And in normal sandbox you wouldn’t be using the gamemode itself. What you’d be using would be LS3 RD3 Framework etc.

oh thanks then…

it’s not a gamemode (if you have not understood yet). but heres a link for SB3 (not ver3): that’s where i downloaded it and it works nice, if you don’t know how to use SVN: (for spacebuild you want: Spacebuild 3 Addon (must), Spacebuild Model Pack (SBMP) (must), Life Support 3 Core (must), Life Support 3 Ents (should), Resources Transit System (must), Resource Distribution 3 (must), Custom Addon Framework (Must).