I want to make a spacebuild server, can you link me to all the mods I will need.

I’ve tried this before and it seems I can’t build flyable aircrafts and I was just wondering what mods I need with already flyable space ships and if there’s a way I can make my own home-made ships flyable as well.

Links and the lot would be great (or svn) if you know them.


here’s a link to the gmod svn database:

it has all the svn you’ll need in the spacebuild 3 (BETA) section
some of that stuff you might not need like all the stargate stuff (unless you want it)

See but the problem is we had those, and it still managed to not let us fly our own custom ships, they were too glitchy, so is there a work aroudn for this? Maybe a parent tool or something. (And your link was very helpful thank you.

how were they glitchy? was it making everyone lag? if so don’t use hoverballs and thrusters, use the advanced gyropod in the tools section under SBEP.

Smart constraint.

Mmm nvm I figure out the rest after a few tutorials, smart weld, easysnap, and those made my life 20 times easier by themselves. Thanks for the help guys. :slight_smile: