Spacebuild2 Gamemode SRCDS Console

Okey, So I am trying to get my own Spacebuild2 server with Wire/PHX/LS/CDS.

Although I can’t seem to get Spacebuild working.
I searched the forum a bit and read about some soloutions that worked for others but for some reason not me.

Typing sv_cheats 1 followed by set_gamemode Spacebuild2 does not work.
Opening server.cfg and adding sv_defaultgamemode Spacebuild2 or sv_gamemode Spacebuild2 or sv_gamemodeoverride Spacebuild2 wont work at all.
Writing the in the console does nothing either.

As I am running the console verson using the CMD. I was wondering of that might be the problem?
It works fine using the sv_gamemode Spacebuild2 and then resetting the gamemode in listen server.

But when it comes to the srcds server it wont work.

I really prefer the Console version and I can’t get the GUI to work anyway.

So if anyone has a soloution for this then please let me know ! :slight_smile:

(yes I did google it, search the forum, read threads till my eyes burned but didn’t find it so don’t mock me if it was here all the time…)

Thanks In Advance ! :slight_smile: // Teddynation

I just type in the following to the command line if I need to change the gamemode remotely:

ulx map gm_spacewar_v2-6 Spacebuild2

Of course, gm_spacewar_v2-6 was only an example, and you need to replace Spacebuild2 with the name of the folder the gamemode files are in. You will need ULX for this, but I suggest that most servers should have that anyway.

Yes It Worked ! CNiall Is my new idol ! :smiley:

for me it works this way with a capital ‘S’ even tho the folder is ‘s’
ulx map gm_spacewar_v2-6 “Spacebuild 2”
the folder name is “spacebuild 2”

Edit: nvm your way was right. I had to change the folder name to Spacebuild2